Help: Searching with open semantic search

Search operators and queries:

Unknown parts with *

will find corrupt, corruption, corrupted ...

will find corrupt, interrupt but it will not find corruption or interruption...

will find corrupt and corruption, interrupt and interruption ...


search engine
will find all documents which contains the word engine AND the word search

search AND engine
would return the same results


search OR research
will find all documents which contains the word search or the word research

Exclusion with -

search -engine
will find all documents which contain the word search and do not contain the word engine

Phrase search with quotes

"search engine"
will find exactly this phrase and will not find i search an engine

Fuzzy search with ~

similar~ words~
would find not only similar words but similer works, too because both words are set to fuzzy search.

Usefull if you want to consider typos in the documents or if some documents are images or scanned documents (like pdf-documents containing scanned pages only in graphical formats instead of digital text), so you maybe find more documents for your query even if the results of automated text-recognition (ocr) are not perfect)

Combine criterias with OR, AND and parentheses

(search OR research) AND (engine OR software)
will find:

But it wont find a document containing the words search and research without at least one of the words engine or software.

Only one of the two last words would be enough, because connected with OR, but one of them is absolutelly neccecary because this criteria combination (connected by parantheses) is connected with AND